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out-of-town program

As U.S. Restrictions Tighten, Women Seeking Abortions Hit the Road

Nearly a half century ago, women with unwanted pregnancies would cross state lines seeking abortions that were legal in New York but banned in many other states across the country. Now new restrictions on abortion access are forcing women in several states to take similar measures and travel far from home to end pregnancies, health-care providers and supporters said. “We’ve had patients from Texas, from Georgia. We’ve had a patient from Alabama,” said Merle Hoffman, who runs Choices Women’s Medical Center, which provides abortions, in New York City.

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Abortion at Choices for Out-of-State Patients

Women now find themselves having to travel significant distances for abortion services. There are several reasons why. More states are implementing abortion waiting periods. Choices Women’s Medical Center offers abortion services to 24 weeks for out of state patients.

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Before Roe There Was Choices: February 2017 Newsletter

Before Roe, there was Choices Women’s Medical Center. Choices has always welcomed women from other cities and states. In fact, our very first patient was from New Jersey. Today our out-of-town program is more important than ever with the new restrictions on abortion worldwide.

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Choices Medical TransCare

Launching This Fall! In June, when people proudly raise the rainbow flag and celebrate sexual and gender identity and diversity, our June newsletter is pleased

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