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international women’s day

Learning from History on International Women’s Day

In 1987, March was officially declared Women’s History Month in the USA. With the attacks piling upon abortion and on women’s very right to a life of her own choosing and in some cases on her very life itself, it’s no time for feel-good  pats-on-the-back or congratulatory high-fives.  Read the rest of this newsletter to find out more. And let’s pay tribute to the brave marchers of 1908 by heeding their example and getting ready to pick up the pace of struggle.

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International Women’s Day – Women’s History Month

March 8, 1908: Women demanded dignity and respect.
March 2019: So where are we today?

On March 8, 1908, many thousands of women garment workers poured out of New York City’s firetrap factories and demanded decent working and living conditions. Their bold action inspired March 8 to be celebrated all over the world. Some of the specifics of women’s lives may have changed since then, but their cry to be treated like human beings with dignity and respect, a cry for justice and freedom, is just as relevant and just as necessary today as then.

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