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Medicaid Coverage and Abortion: What You Need to Know

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Medicaid Coverage and Abortion: What You Need to Know

Choices Women’s Medical Center offers women of all cultures, nationalities, gender identity and ages a full range of gynecological testing and treatment services, as well as health education, prenatal care, and abortion services to 24 weeks. Dedicated to the highest-quality treatment of our patients, Choices is also one of the abortion clinics that accepts Medicaid and enrolls patients on-site for Medicaid Coverage in the state of New York.

Types of Unintended Pregnancy

A mistimed pregnancy makes up 27% of all pregnancies and is one that occurs at a time when a woman did not want to become pregnant. However, in a mistimed pregnancy, a woman does want to become pregnant in the future.

An unwanted pregnancy is one that occurs at a time when a woman did not want to become pregnant, and where a woman does not want to become pregnant in the future. Unwanted pregnancies account for 18% of all pregnancies.

Either type of pregnancy can be the reason that a woman learns more about abortion options. However, what happens if the woman seeking abortion services cannot afford them?

Increased Risk

Women with low incomes may not be able to receive the abortion services they need due to lack of coverage and the cost to have the procedure without said coverage. For women who need abortion services but can’t afford them, this can increase their health risk.

A woman may have no choice but to cancel or delay her appointment for an abortion if she needs to find and secure the funds for the procedure. This is a health issue because the longer a woman remains pregnant before having an abortion, the higher her risk of complications from the procedure will be.

Abortion in New York vs. Other States

In the state of New York, any doctor licensed to perform abortions can do so. This is not the case in several other states, which require their abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals in addition to being licensed.

In New York, there are no required waiting periods before going ahead with an abortion, and patients do not need to wait for state approval to proceed. No parental consent is required.

Low-income women in several other states must seek out private abortion funds in order to obtain this procedure, which can also increase the time they have to wait. New York covers abortions for low-income women with state Medicaid.

Does Medicaid Cover Abortion in New York State?

For residents, Medicaid is based on household income in the State of New York. In a single-person household, annual income cannot exceed $15,800. Two-person households must earn no higher than $21,307 per year, and $32, 319 is the maximum allowed for a 4-person household to qualify for Medicaid.

What Is Presumptive Eligibility?

In some cases, eligibility for Medicaid may be presumed, which means you can get immediate coverage. However, in order to obtain presumptive eligibility, you will need to visit your Medicaid provider and complete a screening form.

The screening process will require you to provide certain information, including the size of your household, age, income, and residency. Following acceptance of this information, you will be issued a Medicaid card, which is dated from the time that your screening had been completed.

Medicaid for Unemployed or Undocumented Women

In the state of New York, unemployed women and those with undocumented alien status are typically able to qualify for emergency Medicaid.In the state of New York, unemployed women and those with undocumented alien status are typically able to qualify for emergency Medicaid. Women of undocumented alien status are in the United States temporarily, but with a recently expired admission into the country.

Temporary non-immigrants, such as some workers, tourists, and students, can also receive emergency Medicaid in the State of New York. In all of the above cases, an application for Medicaid must be submitted. This can be done online or over the phone.

Coverage for Women Who Don’t Qualify for Medicaid

In some cases, working women may not qualify for Medicaid but also may not have a high enough income to afford the full cost of a walk-in abortion procedure.

Abortions for Women from Other States and Countries

As mentioned previously, some women needing an abortion but unable to obtain one in their home state may need to travel elsewhere. Where this is the case, some abortion clinics, including Choices Women’s Medical Center, will provide abortion services to women from all over the U.S., in addition to New York.

Should a woman needing an abortion have residence in another country, some clinics and abortion medical centers like Choices will provide these services. Specifically, Choices has assisted women from Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Barbados to receive these services.

Compassionate and Confidential Care

Every patient appointment at Choices includes optional counseling with a licensed clinical social worker. This aim of this counseling session is to make the patient aware of their options, as well as educate them about what to expect at each stage of the abortion procedure.

Care continues after the procedure, where the patient receives information about their options for preventing future pregnancies. For example, a patient is educated about the spread of STIs and the role of safe sex in this prevention. As well, they are informed of their options for birth control, including post-abortion IUD insertion.

Choices Women’s Medical Center—an Accredited Center for Women’s Reproductive Health

Choices Women’s Medical Center meets all standards set forth by the American Association of Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) for safe abortions. It is also licensed by New York State as an outpatient medical facility.

All of the services offered by Choices are confidential, but they are also completely non-judgmental, regardless of the age of the patient. As well, Choices can accept patients on a same or next-day basis, as we are one of the abortion clinics that accept Medicaid, helping patients to complete their applications for Medicaid Coverage in the state of New York.

In addition to abortion services, Choices offers free classes and workshops about women’s health, as well as testing and treatment for a wide range of pregnancy and gynecological care. Get more information by calling Choices at (718) 786-5000.



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