Prenatal Care at CHOICES

Prenatal Services at Choices Women's Medical CenterAs a patient in the Choices Women’s Medical Center Prenatal program, you will meet with our prenatal care team which includes a provider, a board certified obstetrician, licensed nurses and counselors, and ancillary support staff. Your prenatal care will include regular office visits with your prenatal care team, labs at scheduled intervals, several sonograms, a visit to the hospital where you will have your baby as well as any additional examinations and services you will require during your pregnancy -- including nutrition counseling.

Our team will provide care to you from your initial prenatal visit through your postpartum course.  Six weeks after the birth you will come in for a post-partum visit to ensure that you are having a healthy recovery from your pregnancy. We can then offer you care for family planning, including birth control methods and ongoing gynecological care.

Choices' dedicated practitioners are available to you 24 hours a day by telephone in case of any emergency. During our clinical hours, both medical providers and counselors are on staff and available to address your questions, problems or just to talk.

Most insurances and Medicaid accepted for prenatal care.

Prenatal ultrasound at Choices Women's Medical CenterIf you are uninsured, you can still receive your prenatal care at Choices Women's Medical Center. An all-inclusive fee covers pregnancy testing, your prenatal visits, all laboratory blood and urine testing, sonography, and postpartum visit. Please ask our staff.

Choices Women's Medical Center is a progressive and comprehensive healthcare facility. Our healthcare team assures that every patient receives the highest quality medical treatment in a positive, supportive and educational environment. Choices is committed to the concept of knowledgeable choice, and offers complete patient-centered medical care for any of your healthcare needs.